Your website can be a very powerful asset for your business.  When your website is properly optimized and maintained, your business becomes visible to a larger audience and more opportunities set in.  Through proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and maintenance, a strong SEO strategy paired with a robust social media campaign managed by NuWave will bring direct traffic to your site and will increase conversions.  

NuWave Commerce is uniquely positioned to offer SEO and Social Media Management services unlike most others. Companies that strictly specialize in SEO, Social Media or the Website itself, do not fully understand how all three components are really dependent upon one another and should be leveraged for maximum results for the client. NuWave Commerce is an award winning organization that specializes in online business solutions with experts in Web Design & Development, Application Development, Responsive Design and SEO & Social Media Management.  The experts in each of these areas work together to create the most effective online presence possible for your business.

NuWave Commerce has an experienced internet marketing team that specializes in performance-based campaigns, including search engine marketing, email marketing, social media, blog strategies and maintenance. We also provide copywriting services, including, content creation and maintenance. In addition, we have the expertise in conversion optimization, tuning, and ongoing analytics and strategy.  Our experience and proven methods will drive results for your business.

SEO Glossary and Pricing


NuWave’s Essential package has the basic ingredients to get your company started with a social presence. With one social media platform of your choosing, social outreach, keyphrases determined, and link sharing, your business will have completed the first steps to becoming a social business.


NuWave’s Premium package has the necessities for your business to succeed in a social and content heavy generation. Including, keyphrases that we will incorporate into your blog articles, link sharing, optimization of your Google + page, up to two social media platforms, including outreach and engagement. As well as custom designed backgrounds for Twitter and Facebook and the addition of Facebook applications to help draw traffic to your other social platforms.


NuWave’s Elite package goes above and beyond in order to boost your company’s search engine optimization, social presence, and content creation. This package provides additional SEO opportunities to take full advantage of keyphrases and content creation on your blog. With the addition of three social sites, Pinterest setup and management as well as detailed report on how you’re ranking on Google and on your social media platforms.


Aside from the pre-set packages, NuWave offers their Custom package to better fit the exact services your business needs. If you would like to explore deeper into customizing your social media and SEO presence please contact us and we would be happy to sit down with you and discuss the right package for your company.