Facebook is constantly evolving and changing. Part of our job here at NuWave Commerce is to help businesses stay up-to-date with algorithm updates, upgrades and changes relating to social media. We have listed the top five updates Facebook has recently made that we think you should know about.unsplash_52b6b4db7397c_1

1. Facebook Targeting

Not only are you able to target your followers and users that have visited your website or mobile app through Mobile Facebook Ads, but now Facebook has made targeting to customers easier. Facebook recently rolled out their new and improved Core Audiences targeting options and have added the third party, self-serve targeting feature, Partner Categories, to the Ads Create Tool for marketers and businesses to take advantage of.

Advertisers and marketers are now able to pinpoint demographics, interests, locations and behaviors. With Partner Categories, brands now have the ability to target people based on actions they have taken, things they have purchased, and topics they are interested in.

2. Trending Topics

Facebook launched their new “Trending” topics section, similar to Twitter’s “Trends” feature. Trending pulls in popular topics happening around the world and displays them on the right hand side of the Home Page. When you click on one of the trending topics, you are directed to posts and mentions relating to that specific word or phrase.

3. Edit Scheduled Posts

This one comes in handy when you have scheduled a post and accidentally spelt a word wrong or made a grammar mistake, now instead of deleting the entire post, you just visit your activity log and select edit option on the drop down menu, located on the post, and edit away. Previously, Facebook only allowed users to edit posts that included a photo, now you can edit link-share scheduled posts along with real time posts.

4. Update to News Feed

Facebook announced in January that they were decreasing the opportunity for business Pages to reach users organically. In an effort to create a better experience for users, they updated their News Feed algorithm to provide a higher reach for link-share posts rather than text-only posts. What does this mean for businesses on Facebook? Provide quality content that includes photos and links on status updates, rather than just text based posts, this will help to boost your reach.

5. The Paper App

Facebook’s new Paper App is part of Facebook’s strategy to become more of a global hub for personalized news. The app is a news feed reader that displays custom articles that relate to your personal interests. Paper features a mix of emerging voices and well-known publications, the app also allows for a more interactive experience compared to just the Facebook App.

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