Facebook introduced their new app, Paper, today. The app is a personalized twist on delivering news to consumers. The visually appealing app has a fullscreen, distraction free layout, and makes it easier for individuals to create and share their own stories.

Paper App

The new app is part of Facebook’s long-term strategy to be more of a global hub

forhuman communication. Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview with Stanford’sPresident, John Hennessy, that after reaching 1 billion users Facebook’s main goals are to understand the world through an artificial intelligence-powered model, connect the rest of the world to the internet, and foster the knowledge of economy so more of the world can thrive.

The app is made up of themed sections, allowing the user to follow specific interests, themes and topics. Each section features a mix of well-known publications including The Washington Post, Time Magazine and The New York Times, as well as updates from emerging individuals.

Similar to a newspaper, Facebook segments information in headlines such as, Enterprise, Home, and Pop Life.

The app is user friendly, allowing for a more interactive experience. Facebook shared some of the capabilities, from thumbing through stories with just a simple touch, and tilting images from side to side to view panoramic photos. The Paper app seems easy to use and a new, innovative way to stay up-to-date with the news you want.

The app will be available to iPhone users in the US on Feb. 3, there is currently no date set for Android phones.

To take a tour of the Paper app, click here.

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