Say goodbye to long winded posts from the pages you follow on Facebook.

Facebook recently ran a test to see how they could create a better experience for their users. The results came back that more people created text status updates when they saw text status updates from their friends, but weren’t persuaded to do so from the pages they follow.

Facebook is working to differentiate between text status updates from friends and pages. Facebook says this will help show people more content they want to see, making for a  more enjoyable experience for the user.

Chris Turitzin, Product Manager for Facebook wrote, “Page admins can expect a decrease in the distribution of their text status updates, but they may see some increases in engagement and distribution for other story types.”

Page admins are asking what type of content they should be posting on Facebook in order to make up for the decrease in views on their posts. Our best answer is to post less text and more embedded links and photos.

The best way to share a link is if you post a short sentence describing what it is the reader is going to click on, when you add the link to the status, there will be an image (if there is an image associated with the url) that pops up below the status update box, this includes the hyperlink that you just posted in the status box. Make sure to delete this link that you pasted into the status update box, as the below information links to the same url. This looks visually more appealing for the reader and easier for them to decided what to click on.

The content that you post on your news feed has to fit the audience that you are targeting. Otherwise,  you will continue to see a drop in your status rankings and impressions.

For instance if you are a web developer, your followers might be businesses looking for a new website. If you are posting about how to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers, your followers will not only start to decline but your impressions on your posts will drop as well.

Facebook for Business

Small businesses might feel that these new updates to Facebook are decreasing the importance of having a Facebook page for their business. It is still an important platform to have and to be active on, there are still ways for businesses to be seen, they just have to post relevant information that interests their target market on a regular basis. Posting more photos and visually appealing updates is the way to go, but if you would like to reach more followers in a text heavy status, you can pay Facebook to boost that particular post.

There are a lot of changes happening in the social media world, NuWave Commerce keeps track of these updates for you and is here to help your business succeed in a noisy social media world. If you would like more information on how NuWave Commerce can help manage your online and social presence, give us a call: 480-656-8383 or fill out our contact us form.

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