In addition to Facebook’s algorithm update, and phasing out sponsored stories, Facebook is now adding a feature on the homepage to be able to track what’s trending on the social platform. The new feature is called “Trending” and will be a way for Facebook users to track what trends are happening in the world.

The trending feature will be located on the top righthand corner of the screen and so far is set to be featured in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India in a few weeks. Currently, Facebook is testing out a mobile version, but “Trending” will just be placed on the desktop version for the time being.The difference between Twitter and Facebook trends is that on Facebook, there will be a description under the trending topic, allowing for a more detailed snapshot of what the trend is. When the user clicks on the trend, they will see a stream of posts related to the topic.

Marketing Facebook Trends

Marketers and users of Facebook are wondering how to get content noticed. The two main ways to get content noticed through Facebook are to write relevant content that relates to your company page and to post content that receives a sharp increase in popularity. But remember, Facebook has rules, just like Google, and they work hard to dig through content to find the most accurate and informative information.

Facebook is also going to structure content on the trending pages, allowing for certain posts to be highlighted. The good thing for marketers is that brands and business pages are the ones guiding the trends, since a lot of personal pages don’t allow their posts to be shared with people outside of their friends, this allows for businesses to really become “trend setters” on this new platform.

Another difference between Facebook and Twitter trends is that Twitter posts up to the minute, chronological updates regarding trends, where Facebook takes a snapshot of all the top headlines of the day. Both serving different purposes.

Facebook Goals

Facebook is trying to become an avenue where people can go to discuss worldly topics instead of just sharing what you eat for breakfast with only your friends.

Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview with Stanford’s President, John Hennessy, that after reaching 1 billion users Facebook’s main goals are to understand the world through an artificial intelligence-powered model, connect the rest of the world to the internet, and foster the knowledge of economy so more of the world can thrive.

As of now, Facebook does not allow content to be sponsored or paid to reach the trending area, it is strictly content that is being organically spread throughout the entire platform.

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