RantRef is a social media website that allows members an opportunity to “speak their mind” publicly. Think you’re right? Prove it! Post your rant about somebody or something, whatever the issue may be - big or small – and see who’s on your side.

Launch Date: Nov 26th, 2013

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Client Challenges

There are many choices when it comes to web developers and no shortage of those that will tell a client exactly what they want to hear just to get the job. Many companies are not up front about their abilities and commit to projects that are not within their skill-set and many of the same off-shore projects only amplifying issues and concerns. Unfortunately, and like many of our clients, the investors of RantRef found this to be all too true.


NuWave Results

NuWave Commerce as the capabilities to develop projects of any size, any scope for any business whether just starting up or in business for 20 years with 50,000 employees.  Regardless of the project, NuWave Commerce ensures that each scope-of-work is developed collaboratively with each client to ensure all expectations are understood and met. The 11 month RantRef project was an exciting yet huge undertaking and more of an application than just a website.  NuWave Commerce delivered as promised, a new, functioning RantRef.  The completely redesigned project makes for an easy and fun what to express opinions, get things off the chest, or just plain carry on a rant.  Integrated with Facebook, users can share with their friends and followers.  Think you’re right? Prove it on RantRef.com!