NuWaveFit is the award winning, flagship companion application to a large variety of activity trackers and medical companion devices being used today.

Launch Date: Dec 9th, 2013

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Client Challenges

Activity trackers and medical companion devices today cover much more than just footsteps and as such, there are a large number of manufacturers of these devices all providing different data on a wide range of health and fitness  categories.  As manufactures focus mostly on the device, the companion application to that device is usually just an afterthought.  There is no interoperability between these applications which has created an abundance of disparate systems.  Users of these devices are required to maintain, track, and manage across many separate platforms which limits the end users in a number of significant ways.


NuWave Results

Winner of Qualcomm Life’s 2013 global API Challenge, NuWaveFit is the answer to these problems pairing with a significant number of the leading fitness and medical companion devices used today allowing the ability to track and manage health & fitness categories from a single, user-friendly dashboard.  Now, health & fitness challenges between friends and family can be shared regardless of the device being used and company sponsored wellness programs and challenges are now easier to implement.  Supported devices include: A&D, Asthmapolis, BodyMedia, Dexcom, Entra, Fitbit, Fitlinxx, Fora, iBGStar, MapMyFitness, Nonin, Noom, OMRON, RunKeeper, Withing with new devices being added as introduced.