Cournot Lee New York

Cournot & Lee is a dedicated team of dental professionals with their office located just steps from the hustle and bustle of Grand Central Station in New York, NY!

Launch Date: Jan 2nd, 2013

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Client Challenges

Cournot & Lee DDS is one of the most trusted and highly regarded dental practices in New York and they have a new website that certainly gives that impression. Patient care and commitment is their cornerstone however and Dr.’s Cournot and Lee wanted to further demonstrate this by offering more resource and education through additional site interaction (if that is possible).  Research went into what this would be and ultimately, a need for a customer application was defined.  An interactive and friendly Perio-Risk assessment application would be developed allowing patients a fun way to identify their risk for periodontal disease.

Cournot Lee New York
Cournot Lee New York

NuWave Results

NuWave Commerce develops web applications and interfaces…even those that need to have a great design as well!  Developing a mobile-friendly application that plays audio for an image driven site with a character that looks like their own Dental Hygienist is not your run of the mill application and required a great deal of programming and testing to develop.  The quiz has been well received and is a great addition to Cournot and Lee’s awesome online presence.  The Perio Risk Assessment Quiz is an example of what is possible when a great team joins another great team to do things differently…better than what has already been done.