Cooper Crossing

Cooper Crossing Executive Suites is a fully staffed, fully serviced, premier business center offering innovative office solutions do the discriminating and cost-conscious business professional.

Launch Date: Oct 15th, 2012

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Client Challenges

Cooper Crossing Executive Suites, coming under new ownership, required a new website be developed.  The existing website was a template styled website with generic information and did not have a Content Management System allowing the client’s staff the ability to manage the site.  There was no real business value in the existing website other than providing some limited information and contact number.  Since a new website was needed, it had to be a website that would convey the quality of the property capturing the striking architecture in a way that would compel visitors to promptly contact a representative or visit property directly.

Cooper Crossing
Cooper Crossing

NuWave Results

All of the requirements needed for the new website were accomplished and so much more.  The Cooper Crossing Executive Suites is a visually stunning, premier business center and the client understood that a generic or typical office suite designed website would not be good enough.  In order to capture the stunning architecture and exploit every opportunity to increase occupancy, a high-quality image designed website was developed using high resolution images to convey to the visitor the level of service and quality to be expected.   Through collaboration with the client on their new website, a business challenge was also identified and resolved by integrating a web-based meeting room reservation system.  This new and robust tool saves the staff significant administration time and streamlined the process for the tenants creating another sell point of the property.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Cooper Crossings Executive Suites new website is the perfect example of this!